Book Formatting

Make your book’s interior look as lovely as your words deserve. With over fifteen years of experience in print and graphic design, I can make your book’s formatting both pretty and painless!

Below, you can see examples of some of the paperback books I’ve already formatted, as an idea of what kind of services I offer. Package pricing is as follows:

Paperback Packages

Basic packages:
  • $50 for books up to 40,000 words in length
  • $65 for books between 40,000 words and 110,000 words in length
  • For books over 110,000 words: please inquire

Basic formatting packages include header and footer, page number, and drop-caps or other first-line-of-chapter flourishes.

A la carte extras:
  • $10 extra for custom graphics on chapter headings or scene dividers (see example below)
  • $15 extra for full-page “part” dividers (see Fourth World example below)
  • $15-$20 extra for page artwork (see Chameleon Moon example below)
  • $5 extra for special formatting (for scenes that include e-mails, text messages, etc.)
  • $25 extra for basic ebook formatting
  • $35 extra for full ebook formatting (includes graphic treatment to match paperback!)

I am happy to match your cover’s design as much as possible in regards to font choices and other stylistic elements. If you have a cover you’d like me to match, be sure to let me know!

Ebook Packages

All ebook packages include a linked table of contents and page breaks for new chapters, and are verified as valid by the IDPF. Files are sent in .mobi and .epub format for easy eARC distribution, and are compatible with Amazon, Draft2Digital, Nook Press, iBooks, Google Play and Kobo. Please note that I do not format books for Smashwords. Pricing is as follows:

  • $45 for basic ebook formatting
  • $55 for full ebook formatting with custom chapter headings and scene dividers

Formatting Examples

thefalling1thefalling2fourthworld1fourthworld3fourthworld2From A Girl Named Dracula by K.L. TealFrom A Girl Named Dracula by K.L. Tealperchancetodream1perchancetodream2accidentalsocialite1accidentalsocialite2
Actual interior of The Accidental Socialite - Photo courtesy Stephanie Wahlstrom
Actual interior of The Accidental Socialite - Photo courtesy Stephanie Wahlstrom

How to Schedule

I currently am only working with authors from Snowy Wings Publishing, Crimson Fox Publishing, The Kraken Collective, or other personal friends. Please send me an email or Facebook message letting me know which book you’re working on and we can figure out your schedule!

Please read my terms of service before booking a formatting job!