Schedule Me to Format Your Book!

I currently am only working with authors from Snowy Wings Publishing, Crimson Fox Publishing, The Kraken Collective, or other personal friends. Please send me an email or Facebook message letting me know which book you’re working on and we can figure out your schedule!

Before booking me, please read my terms of service below:

Terms of Service for Paperback and Ebook Formatting


Please contact me for a pricing estimate—prices will vary based on the word count, complexity of the job, and time constraints. Rush jobs will be subject to an additional charge.

Rush jobs:

Formatting jobs must be booked at least two weeks in advance. At the time of booking, I request that you provide me with a deadline* that you need your formatted book returned to you. Please ensure that I have your completed manuscript at least ten days before this deadline. Any job booked less than two weeks in advance, or in which I do not receive your completed manuscript ten days before your deadline, shall constitute a rush job and will be subject to an additional charge.

*Please ensure that your deadline enables you sufficient time to perform a quality check on the book (see below). It is recommended that this be three to five days before your publication date or the date your finalized preorder upload is due. Examples:

  • You are not using a preorder, but will be publishing immediately: please have the book to me thirteen to fifteen days before your planned publication date.
  • You have a preorder scheduled on Amazon, which requires finalized books with preorders to be uploaded 72 hours before your scheduled publication date: please have the book to me sixteen to eighteen days before your planned publication date.
  • You have a preorder scheduled on Draft2Digital or other venues that require your finalized book to be uploaded 10 days before your scheduled publication date: please have the book to me twenty-three to twenty-five days before your planned publication date.

Please don’t plan on sending the book to me ten days before your scheduled publication date, as this does not provide enough time to check for and correct errors in the book.


Design revisions: An initial design sample will be sent to you in PDF format, with unlimited minor changes or up to three redesign options provided free of charge. After the initial design is approved, any further changes are subject to an additional charge.

Manuscript revisions: The client agrees to send the final, completed manuscript in .doc or .docx (Microsoft Word) format. Any changes to the manuscript you need made after the formatting is complete (such as rewrites, sentence restructuring, and so forth) are subject to an additional charge. This does not include error corrections that may have occurred during the conversion process (see below).

Quality checks:

When a document is sent back and forth to different computers, often additionally to different word processing programs or different versions of the same program (such as Open Office or Scrivener to Word, or from Word 2007 to Word 2016, and so on), errors can enter the document. This is rare, but still occurs up to roughly 10% of the time. I have no way of checking this. Spell check often does not catch these errors. You must personally go through your book—both ebook and paperback—before you upload your book for sale. Any errors you find in your book will happily be corrected free of charge. However, I cannot perform the quality check for you. Please be advised that major errors in your book may cause it to be flagged for removal by Amazon, and I assume no responsibility for any negative impact on sales. It is the client’s responsibility to thoroughly check the book before putting it up for sale.


Interior graphics (primarily for paperbacks) are licensed for up to 1000 sales of your book. If you sell more than this amount, or anticipate selling more, please notify me so that an additional license can be purchased. Additional licenses may be subject to an additional charge.