Formatting Portfolio

Print Book Formatting

For paperbacks and hardcovers, your design options are pretty much limitless! We can play with different fonts, add images, add illustrations and maps, dropcaps, you name it. See below examples of various projects I’ve worked on before. Click on each thumbnail for an explanation of what the project included.

Interior Pages

Title Pages & Spreads

Special Formatting

Illustrations & Artwork

Ebook Formatting

Because of the nature of ebooks and the limitations of various ereaders (especially taking into consideration that some of your readers may still be using 10+-year-old Kindles), ebook formatting is more limited than print, but we can still make your ebook sparkle!

Because of the flowing text nature of ebooks and size restrictions/delivery fees on Kindle, large images such as those in the examples above are generally not advisable. However, limited large images such as maps, or smaller images such as scene separators and chapter headers, are doable.

Due to concerns about licensing and technical limitations of some devices, I do not embed fonts in ebooks I format. However, most licenses allow for fonts to be used in images which are embedded in the ebook, allowing for chapter headers to be accomplished via images.